Best Practice: Selecting a Cloud File Sharing App for Your Business

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When employees work from home, they need access to important company files.  It’s easy to look at consumer-grade, cloud file sharing solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. 

While these applications offer many conveniences, they pose a massive threat to your company because company data can be spread far and wide without central oversight of what information is being shared with whom.  Furthermore, MILLIONS of file sharing accounts have been hacked, so it is clear that these platforms give cybercriminals a path into the company’s network.

This threat is even more critical if your company has access to or stores financial, medical, or other sensitive data.  Using file sharing applications like these are a clear and direct violation of data breach and compliance laws. 

Best Practice:  When it comes to sharing company data and files, use business-grade file sharing applications configured with the appropriate security protocols.

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