Technology support firms tend to focus on selling hardware and software – the “what” of IT services. ADVANCED needs you to know that the “what” is not what sets us apart (although our tech is both world-class and best-in-breed). For us, it’s about the “how” – how we earn client’s trust, personalize your service, and use the latest technologies to ensure your organization is always one step ahead. Our clients can expect a close, courteous relationship that keeps you in the know and at ease. That’s how we work – and this is how we do it:

Our Enterprise Architects can work independently or with you to design, plan and recommend capacity and connectivity, to support your client/end users applications. We have installed tens of thousands of applications across thousands of organizations. The key to successful application deployment is knowing what questions to ask your software vendors.

Skilled, trained on-site IT support on a short- or long-term basis is a cost-effective alternative to in-house support. Thanks to 30+ years of outsourcing experience, and partnerships with industry leaders, we make sure all ADVANCED staff stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and methodologies.

Daily help desk support becomes challenging due to the absence of standards, processes, documentation and poorly maintained systems. Our Help Desk Services professionals have extensive experience in most commercially available operating systems and desktop applications.

Call ADVANCED when:

  • Your help desk staff is on vacation
  • Your help desk staff is out on extended leave
  • You have a short-term requirement for extra help
  • You’re migrating to another network platform
  • You’re introducing a new software package
  • You have too many projects and not enough staff
  • You need trained technical resources that can add value from day one
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly rates are available

Installing new hardware or desktop platforms, adding peripheral equipment, rolling out large-scale upgrades, moving to a different location, or need day-to-day support? Our on-site end-user Desktop Support can be a lifesaver.

Desktop Support / Laptop Support services include:

  • Standardization projects
  • Relocation services
  • Windows 10 migrations
  • Imaging and deployment
  • Software deployment
  • White glove desk-side end-user computer support
  • Desktop hardware/software auditing and inventory management
  • Hardware repair and replacement

Installing new hardware or desktop platforms, adding peripheral equipment, rolling out large-scale upgrades, moving to a different location, or need day-to-day support? Our on-site end-user Server Support can be a lifesaver.

Server Support services include:

  • Standardization projects
  • Relocation services
  • Windows Server migrations
  • Exchange server migrations
  • SQL server migration
  • Active Directory cleanup
  • Software deployment
  • Desktop hardware/software auditing and inventory management
  • Hardware repair and replacement

Our experienced, certified IT consultants can help you navigate the realities of systems analysis, internal network services design, application deployment, and other enterprise-wide implementation initiatives. Our project managers can streamline day-to-day management of enterprise migrations and technology deployments, while working with you to coordinate schedules, and oversee vendor/consulting resources.

Our project managers and technical consultants help you develop project specifications and design an effective plan for implementation. They can perform end-to-end management of enterprise migrations and technology deployments, vendor/resource management, logistics and scheduling coordination.

Our network security specialists can work with you to create a sensible security plan to protect your IT infrastructure from harm. As one of the premier providers of network firewall and encryption technologies, ADVANCED is also a certified Cisco business partner and IT security systems partner.

Our communications specialists can help you design, plan and implement the cabling, router and switch requirements of your networking projects. We can advise, develop and implement plans for local network, remote office network, even international network projects.

The more thorough the analysis, the more effective the IT solution. What’s working? What’s missing? Where’s the risk? How deep is your understanding of the equipment, software, OS versions, firmware upgrades, patching, backups and licensing necessary for a successful IT infrastructure?

We can develop a thorough picture of your environment, utilizing site surveys, network diagrams, configuration documentation and equipment inventory. We can also manage an interview process with you and your users to develop a truly holistic view of your infrastructure.

The name of the game here is “Risk vs. Cost.” Baseline security safety protocols must be in place, including Virus Protection, Spam Protection, and standard practice network Firewall and Router configurations. Best-practices procedures should also be reviewed, including password maintenance and user access rights. 

Let ADVANCED help identify the basics and suggest technologies and methodologies that will help you protect your network and your proprietary data at the appropriate level. When stakeholders ask, “What have you done to safeguard the business?” will you have the right answer? We’ll make sure you do.

Gaining a competitive edge requires a plan, a road map to help you achieve short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Are you doing everything you can? Together with our staff of certified engineers, business analysts and IT technology architects, we’ll work with you to evaluate the state of your current environment.

Optimizing efficiency by running multiple servers on a single box is just smart for business. Virtualization is about balancing performance of your servers and applications across multiple boxes, and the ability to quickly and easily restore a server that has failed. Virtualization is also about reducing your carbon footprint and manufacturing footprint, all while saving you money through reducing power consumption costs.

How much IT infrastructure downtime is acceptable? Can you afford to go dark for a short time? Long time? NO time? To ensure business continuity, your Disaster Recovery program should include backups, proactive system monitoring, redundancy, virtual image recovery, hot/warm sites, and physical procedures for dealing with technology outages. ADVANCED will work with you to identify your critical business systems and provide efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Are your considering a new phone system or video conferencing? ADVANCED is a Cisco Certified Partner specializing in Cisco’s Unified Communications line of telephony products. Cisco solutions provided by ADVANCED will align your communications systems with your business goals, increase business agility, and empower your staff through the use of Cisco’s business productivity applications.

Compromised vulnerabilities could invite everything from unnecessary access to malicious, crippling access. To fix IT vulnerabilities, we’ll help you find IT vulnerabilities. ADVANCED can perform vulnerability scans of your public-facing networks and internal networks, helping you make significant strides toward protecting your business from compromise.

ADVANCED step one: identify the public interfaces (IP numbers) that represent all of the possible entry points to your system from the outside world.  Step two: run a collection of tests to identify common vulnerabilities and provide both summaries (an executive report and a detailed report) to you. Vulnerabilities found are vulnerabilities remedied.

Much like the external scan, ADVANCED will help identify the range of IP numbers in use for your internal network. We’ll run a scan to expose any undocumented devices – then our reports will categorize the vulnerabilities and provide detailed steps for remediation. Typical results include vulnerabilities, as well as validation of applied Microsoft security patches.

Using these scan reports as a roadmap, you can decide exactly how to proceed with fixing the identified vulnerabilities and reducing your exposure. Factors to consider are asset value, level of risk, and the expectation of compromise.

ADVANCED relies on best-in-class Qualys scanning technology to see devices within your network and perform the scans, reporting results back to the cloud-based servers for analysis.  This methodology means that no agents need to be installed for your devices, and the scanner can run independently with no effect on your installed equipment.