Managed Services

ADVANCED can give your business the same level of IT support that Fortune 500 companies rely on – for a fraction of the cost. We’re talking about continuous access to your essential systems anytime, anywhere, on any device. ADVANCED employs only experienced, highly trained, certified technicians who keep your systems secure and running at peak performance. Our Managed Services plans include:

Foundation Plan

Our Foundation Plan is a baseline level of Managed Services protection for your servers and workstations. Expect continuous monitoring, managed Microsoft Patch deployment, plus performance reporting – to not only see where you are, but where you’re going. Foundation also provides third-party patch management for common programs you’re already using – from Adobe Flash Player, Google and Chrome, to Skype and iTunes, among others. For all of these, we carefully monitor and remediate any security vulnerabilities.

  • 24x7x365 Hardware and Software Monitoring
  • Microsoft Patch Deployment
  • Performance Trending
  • Executive Level Reporting
  • 3rd Party Application Patch Management

Advanced Plan

Our Advanced Plan includes everything in the Foundation plan – plus a layer of Managed Services monitoring for internal systems and equipment such as backups, anti-virus, exchange systems monitoring and more. Additionally, the Advanced Plan utilizes automated routines to detect problems and self-heal recognized issues proactively before they interfere with daily operations and worker productivity.

  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Advanced Monitoring of your proACT or other Anti-virus Solution
  • Network Device Backup
  • Automated Self-healing Detection and Remediation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Preventative Care
  • ProACT Endpoint Security Virus Protection

Total Care Plan

Total Care customers receive priority service for all issues and requests. Our Total Care Plan delivers seamless end-to-end IT support and includes all the services of our Foundation and Advanced Plans – plus fully covered management services, including help desk services and managed backup.

  • Remote and On-Site Support with expedited response time (standard business hours)
  • Managed on-site backup with off-site replication and tape archiving
  • Inbound Email Spam/Virus protection
  • Managed proACT Endpoint Security virus protection for all Windows servers and workstations
  • Network Administration
  • IT Vendor Management
  • Quarterly Strategic Consulting

A La Carte

Not every plan contains every available ADVANCED service. In addition to our standard plans, choose from an ever-expanding menu of IT support services:

  • Servers
  • On-site image backup
  • Daily replication to a secure remote location
  • Tape backups and archiving
  • Workstation Backup
Disaster Recovery
  • Restore servers to our hosted VMWare environment in the event of a disaster
  • Yearly testing of the hosted Disaster Recovery solution
Endpoint Security 
  • Anti-virus
  • Malware & Intrusion Prevention
Inbound Email Filtering
  • Spam/Virus filtering
  • Active Directory Integration
Outbound Email filtering
  • Data Leakage Protection – Social Security Numbers/Credit Card Information
  • Spam prevention
Email encryption
  • Encrypt messages sent to individuals or groups (meets compliance requirements)
Two-Factor Authentication
  • Push technology
  • One-time Key (Available on IOS/Android, automated call or text message)
Centralized Log Management
  • Push technology
  • Collect, analyze, report and alert changes, failures, and behavior to identify threats