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Tech Tip: If You Installed It, You Must “Update Now” – Not Later


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What do you do when your home computer or smartphone alerts you that a software update is ready to be installed?  Do you select “Update Now” or “Remind Me Later”?  If you answered, “Update Now,” you get a gold star and likely understand that updates not only deliver new features, they also update your software with essential security patches to protect your device(s) and data.

If you answered, “Remind Me Later,” your procrastination can cost you way more than the few minutes required to install the update.  In parallel, what is the course of action your business takes when a software update is available for a business application?  Hopefully, it’s not, “Remind Me Later.”

Thousands of hackers get up every morning with ONE goal in mind: to find a new vulnerability in commonly installed software (like Adobe, Flash, or Microsoft) to access your computer or company network.  That’s why these companies frequently issue patches and updates for known security bugs.  In the last two weeks alone, security patches have been released for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft, Adobe, VMware, Cisco, and WordPress, to name a few.  Once a known vulnerability is announced, hackers get to work like crazy trying to figure out how to use the vulnerability and access those users who are careless about installing updates. 

Tech Tip: If You Installed It, You Must “Update Now” – Not Later.

Don’t put your business or personal data at risk.  The last thing you want is a cybercriminal to exploit a vulnerability and take control of an affected system or device to infiltrate your company, take your assets, and disrupt your life.

We are here to help.
Advanced Computer Technologies monitors the networks for all clients within our managed services program. However, if your business needs reliable network monitoring, contact us.

As for your home computers, smartphones, and other personal devices that are not under our protection, make sure these applications and devices secure, and click “Update Now” the next time you receive an alert.

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