Advanced partners with a skilled nursing facility to streamline operational efficiency

Advanced partners with a skilled nursing facility to streamline operational efficiency

Business Challenges

A premier skilled nursing facility (SNF) was in search of the right partner to help them develop and deploy a more robust IT support model. The lack of a cohesive IT strategy led to operational inefficiencies throughout the business, the effects of which adversely impacted staff and patient care.

Some of the symptoms were as follows:

  • Lingering desktop issues that caused users to lean on workarounds
  • Systems maintenance was reactive, often times leading to lost time
  • IT management was focused on problem resolution as opposed to strategic planning
  • BCP, DR, and security were best effort
  • Documentation was non-existent
  • Executives were not confident in their technology plan

The executive team realized they had to address these challenges and were looking for a partner who could help them develop a plan to improve performance and mitigate risk while allowing them to focus on that which is most important: The care of their patients.

Understand the Client’s Industry and Specific Needs

There is no one size fits all IT solution; even businesses within the same industry do not operate the same way. Advanced invested the time to understand the needs of the business. This process began with a thorough review of network and systems infrastructure, compliance needs, current pain points, and desired outcomes.

Develop & Implement Solutions

After understanding the challenges of the business and its desired outcomes, Advanced was able to develop solutions for day-to-day staff support systems, while also creating a roadmap for strategic technical progress.

Advanced tailored a solution that addressed deficiencies, met compliance requirements, and improved cybersecurity.

ProACT Managed Services was implemented to provide daily support and security to systems and network infrastructure. It ensured that staff was functioning at optimal levels.

Advanced appointed a VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) to the account. The VCIO acted as an extension to both their leadership and technical teams. The VCIO helped assess and prioritize short term technical projects while also charting out and budgeting for future upgrades. A routine cadence was scheduled to evaluate progress and discuss the plan for continuous improvement. The SNF finally felt like they had a strategic resource that could bridge the gap between business and technology.


Advanced’s strategic technical plan equipped the internal IT team with the tools necessary to do their jobs more effectively. The care coordinators experienced increased systems availability that acted as a conduit to improved patient care. The executives received a budgetable approach to IT support and risk mitigation, all the while giving them peace of mind.

A cohesive IT strategy can transform a business. Streamlined operations let employees work more efficiently and focus on their jobs.

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