International Manufacturing Company builds innovative facility utilizing new technology designed and implemented by ADVANCED

Client: International Manufacturing Company

Our Role:  Provide customized support and staffing solutions aimed to meet the shifting needs of the growing, international business.

Services: Network Infrastructure design, deployment, maintenance, and protection; Customized client dashboard, Ticketing system, Helpdesk, Proactive monitoring and resource management.

Client Need:  IT agility, flexibility, and resiliency were required to meet the increased support demands of this rapidly growing Manufacturing Company.

Approach: ADVANCED was consulted to provide solutions that enable, both, the short- and long-term goals of the client.

  • Create a multipath Wide Area Network with the client’s own routers, using dynamic routing to choose the most efficient path to their data center.
  • Utilized low latency circuits and Software Defined Wide Area Network appliances at international locations.
  • Implement a central location for the controller with redundancy, reducing the amount of single points of failure in the wireless infrastructure and ensuring that constant wireless operations are not affected.
  • Augment cost-effective access to a team of highly trained, credentialed engineers specializing in a wide variety of technology practice areas.

Impact: “Production and productivity have increased by over 1000%.”

  • Minimized latency, and consistent video conferencing experience
  • Improved communication quality, which in turn and vendor relationships.
  • Resilient network deployment, which has dramatically reduced downtime
  • Significant reduction in the Manufacturing Company’s telecom costs.

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